This EP was recorded at a live comedy-ish set performed at Pete’s Candy Store (Brooklyn, NY) on August 29th, 2014. I try out lots of different kinds of songs when I play solo, but the purpose of this EP is to highlight the ones that would otherwise never find a home because they are simply TOO DUMB. To answer some questions you might have while listening:

• I don’t do drugs
• I have never murdered anyone and if I did I wouldn’t write a song about it
• I don’t see monsters under my eyelids
• I don’t think babies are horrible shrieking aliens (usually)
• I have no plans to move to Norway
• I am not a redneck (but am willing to sell songs to any redneck takers)

Hope you enjoy!
 : Live at Pete’s Candy Store by Tommy Siegel

hey i was at this


Believe it or not, George isn’t at home.
Please leave a message at the beep.
I must be out or I’d pick up the phone, where could I be?
Believe it or not, I’m not home


i got a goldfish at the fair and i dont know what to do with him

update: i named him Robin and made him a homemade fishbowl out of a used orange juice container 

i got a goldfish at the fair and i dont know what to do with him


me: *doesn’t shave*

me: damn i look like a GQ model or some shit

everyone else: who is that crusty man

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For the times they are a-changin’
(Watchmen opening credits)

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