wow rude (yeah doctor whos back today or something idk)

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the morning shift after a late night is always my favorite thing in the world

jk please kill me

tonite was reasonably fun. 

now to get a few hours of sleep before work in the AM. ayyyy

I’m at the Barclays Center to see Arcade Fire.. that’s kinda neat, right?

We are not staying at Moe’s.Maggie’s already drunk on the fumes.And she’s a mean drunk.

We are not staying at Moe’s.
Maggie’s already drunk on the fumes.
And she’s a mean drunk.


cherry bomb // the runaways

can’t stay at home, can’t stay at school
old folks say, “you poor little fool,”
down the street i’m the girl next door
i’m the fox you’ve been waiting for


Drew some characters from Orange Is the New Black!

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i hope y’all have been watching some simpsons today

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